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We provide quality, effective field, and laboratory testing services across industries to measure the conformance of materials and construction to project specifications. We provide independent construction materials testing, both in the field and at our regional laboratory facilities. Most of the tests are completed in-house, saving our clients time and money.

The Laboratory Testing Of Construction Materials also includes:

  • Testing of all Building Materials such as Coarse Aggt, Fine Aggt, Cubes, Bricks, Blocks, Tiles, Water, Wood, Pavers, etc as per relevant standards
    With the speed of today’s projects, we make every effort to keep the project running smoothly and efficiently with our electronic report transmittals and our completely unique laboratory database management system.
  • Cement Concrete Mix Design & Bituminous (Tar) Mix Design
    This test aims to determine the proportion of bitumen, filler, fine aggregates, and coarse aggregates which test whether the mix is workable, strong, durable and economical.

  • Testing of Steel Products
    Reinforce Steel (TMT), Structural Steel, Prestressing Steel, MS Tubes, Metal Roofing Sheet  

  • Testing Of Construction Chemicals
    Cement Water Proofer, Curing Compounds, Cementitious Grouts, Epoxy Grouts, Bonding Epoxies, Anchor Grouts & Water Proofing Systems

  • Testing of Cement & SCM
    Cement, Flyash, GGBS, Silica Fume, Lime

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